Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island sits a few miles off the coast of Freemantle,  and sits to the Southwest of Perth. The island, is home to an abundance of wildlife, has a few nice cafes/restaurants, is surrounded by some beautiful and (sometimes) secluded beaches.

Rottnest Island Quokka 01 (2)
Hopping quokka on Rottnest Island

What wildlife can I see?

The island and the waters around it are an A-Class Reserve, so is home to many creatures including humpback whales, dolphins and New Zealand Fur Seals, but the island is probably most famous now for its quokkas. These incredibly cute marsupials can be found all over the island and as they are quite happy around people are at the centre of a “quokka selfie” craze.

How to get there

Ferries run regularly from both Freemantle and Perth. We booked a Ferry ticket with Rottnest Express which included both an adventure boat tour and bike hire on the island, along with the ferry fare in a package. The adventure boat tour took us to points around the island, looking for humpback whales and to the “Cathedral Rocks” where there the fur seals hand out. You may also see Ospreys here, we only saw some old nests.

There are buses that traverse the island, but the best way to get around by far is by bike, which can be hired on the island as well as part of your ferry booking. Depending on your level of cycling ability and how long you stop at sights, it could take you anywhere between 3 and 5 hours to cycle the island.

Where to stay

We didn’t stay on the Island, as we were staying in Perth, but there are a range of accommodation options on the island to suit all budgets, from dorms, chalets, apartments and hotels.

Where to eat

There are various restaurants and cafes on the island, but we liked the bakery. We had coffee there, but also bought some cakes and pastries to take away and have as a picnic on the sandy white beach at porpoise bay.