Welcome to our new site!

This is See Wildife, our new website and blog that helps you to find the best places to go and see wildlife.  Through our blog we’ll keep you up to date with our travels, where we’re going, where we’ve been and what amazing creatures we have seen on the way.

We’ve also written some great (in our opinion) destination guides on each of the places we’ve visited to help you choose and plan your own wildlife watching trips. These guides provide details on what animals you can see, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat and also any other cool things that can be done in each place. We’ve been lucky to have visit quite a few wonderful places so it’s taking a bit of time to put them all together, so more and more will be added over the next few weeks. Destinations without links are in the pipeline, so please bare with us on those.

If you have a favourite creature, be it whales, bears, seals or whatever, we’ve also written some guides in our I want to see section on each of our favourite animals which include where some of the best places to view them are.

Finally, we’ve got our Kit and Tips section where we pass on tips on what kit we use on our trips and any other handy info that we can give you to help you make the most of your wildlife experience.